5 Days Shaktimaan Course – 5 दिन शक्तिमान कोर्स

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Main Brief

Kundalini is the inherent spiritual energy in our body present at seven centers of our body. Kundalini Energy is not supposed to be awakened forcibly, by energy healing, Hatha Yoga, or doing any practice with an intention to awaken kundalini. Kundalini Is hidden energy that can be felt and experienced on regular spiritual practice on the directives of a spiritual Master just like butter is extracted & tasted by churning milk. However, you shouldn’t worry about the kundalini energy & awakening process. You shouldn’t worry about any spiritual Master if you are able to get or follow. Always remember that “Kundalini Awakening” shouldn’t be your purpose of life although it is required for fast spiritual progress followed by understanding the subtle spiritual vibrations of different spiritual worlds & spectrums. Your purpose & practice should be aligned with regular spiritual progress & experience of spiritual bliss in day-to-day life in whatsoever situation or problems you are in. As a result, it would be highly productive towards the sublimation of sexual energy.

This course is valid for one year

कुंडलिनी हमारे शरीर में निहित एक आध्यात्मिक ऊर्जा है जो कि हमारे शरीर में 7 केंद्रों पर स्थित होती है. ध्यान रखने वाली बात ये है कि कुंडलिनी ऊर्जा को बलपूर्वक, हठयोग द्वारा अथवा खुद की इच्छा से अभ्यास द्वारा जाग्रत करने की कोशिश नहीं करनी चाहिए. कुंडलिनी एक छुपी हुई ऊर्जा है जो कि किसी आध्यात्मिक गुरु के सानिध्य में निरंतर प्रयास द्वारा महसूस की जा सकती है, ये प्रक्रिया ठीक दुध में से मक्खन निकालने जैसी होती है. यद्यपि आपको इसमे कुंडलिनी ऊर्जा एवं उसके जाग्रत होने के तरीके के बारे में चिंता नहीं करनी चाहिए. यदि आपको कोई ऐसा आध्यात्मिक गुरु अनुसरण करने को ना भी मिले तो भी आपको चिंता नहीं करनी चाहिए. हमेशा ये ध्यान रखें कि “कुंडलिनी जागरण ” की प्रक्रिया आपकी जिंदगी का मुख्य ध्येय नहीं होना चाहिए हालंकि यह ‘विभिन्न आध्यात्मिक दुनिया और उनके तरंगो के सूक्ष्म आध्यात्मिक कंपन’ की समझ के बाद तेज गति से आध्यात्मिक उन्नती के लिए जरूरी है. दिन- प्रतिदिन के जीवन में जिस भी स्थिति या समस्याओं में आप है आपका ध्येय और अभ्यास नियमित रूप से आध्यात्मिक प्रगति और आध्यात्मिक आनंद के अनुभव के साथ संरेखित करते रहने में होना चाहिए. नतीजतन, यह यौन ऊर्जा के ऊर्ध्व गमन में अत्यधिक उपयोगी होगा |


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43 Replies to “5 Days Shaktimaan Course – 5 दिन शक्तिमान कोर्स”

      1. Sir how I contact you , I want to know about the concept of life as I live life on earth , so I want to know about life from u , I am 21 years old boy from odisha , olso I have much off experience in life about brahmacharya which I want to share with you , I want a bigger powerful transformation in my life to see or show my real power so please help me

  1. Sir plz help me meri बी sexual
    problems hay may apne aapko
    kese change केसे करू
    my whstsapp

  2. Sir maine connect kiya.maine 1st complete Kiya or dusra networks ke karon sun nahin paya.2nd ber file me jaakar dekha file locked he . maine kaise sune please.

    1. Sir ji maine active keya tha shaktiman course.maine 1st line complete keya ,2nd line complete nahin kar paye networks ke karan.aise 7 din ho gaye. Jab maine dusra sunne ko gaye dekha file locked he.sir maine brain rewere.com,ko bola Kum nahin hua sir app kuch kijiye please.

  3. Bogus and 3rd class site hai aapki… Feb 2021 se course le rakkha hai..abhi bhii login nahi karne detii hai.. kai baar mail communication kiye but no reply from your side. Password reset bhi nahi hota hai.

    1. Stop blaming please. your last mail was below

      Hi Team,

      I’ve purchased ‘Shaktiman course’ but i have not received the 5 images that are mentioned in the first lesson.

      Please advise or do needful.

      Alok Soni
      Mob : 96040 17572

      We have replied to you

      The first reply – It is available along with the original tracks of the curriculum
      The second reply – In every track starting from the first day, you will see the image at the top

      Now tell us, where is the problem? why you didn’t respond to our last reply if you were facing any problem

  4. Sir
    Mene shaktimaan course kharida tha .1st day video run bhi hua.but ab course ke videos lock dikh rahe hain Mene log out karke login kiye cookies delete kar diya.mail bhi kiya .but kuch ho he nahi a raha hain.

    Thanks & regards

  5. Hello Sir,
    I have purchased Shaktimaan course but forgot my password and I am not able to reset or recover my password.When I am clicking on forgot password it is asking for email id but not getting any email to reset password.
    Pls help

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