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Superhuman Buddhiman Brain Rewire Audio Session is specially designed for Students who find many difficulties and distractions while studying or preparing for any exam. They are found complaining about Memory loss, low focus, and concentration, lack of mind power & determination, no ambition of life, fear of future, opposite-sex attractions, negative attractions, negative thoughts, lack of confidence, motivation & zeal towards study & life, lack of creative ideas, many other such wrong practices & activities, wastage of time, depression, stress, etc. In this brain rewire we have tried to boost positive & spiritual emotions, thoughts that will reach the subconscious mind and make a powerful positive impression. It will help you to overcome all such negative, harmful propensities of a student’s life and lead you towards the true pleasure of study and Karma. It has many other benefits that you will notice & experience if you regularly practice this brain rewire. This Brain rewire is a boon for all youths & students who want to achieve a bigger ambition in life, who want to perform best in their studies, who want to be a good human being for self, family, and society. This Brain rewire is not only helpful for students’ life rather it may guide you in every corner of your life if you could imbibe the positive lessons, the impression of this course. We hope you could take this advantage and make optimum use of this awesome Brain Rewire Course.

आज कल students कई तरह की समस्याओं का सामना करते हैं और उसके पीछे कारण एकदम ठोस हैं , सब लोग distraction, आलसीपन, late night जागना , देर से उठना, पढ़ाई में मन नहीं लगना , बुरे विचार सताना, भविश्व की चिंता सताना, सोच विचार नहीं कर पाना, याद नहीं रख पाना, अपना बड़ा उद्देश्य नहीं बना पाना, अनावश्यक समय खराब होना , ध्यान नहीं कर पाना, अच्छी दिन चर्या नहीं बना पाना , हमेशा motivated नहीं रह पाना आदि तमाम सारी समस्याओं से लोग जूझ रहे हैं, और इन्ही सब कारणों से विद्यार्थी निराश और हताश होते जा रहे हैं , आज के बाद सभी निराशा और हताशा को अलविदा कह दें |


Valid for one year only


₹499.00 ₹149.00

34 Replies to “Genius Student Course”

  1. Hum Aap ka yeh brain rewiring song 199 mein purchase karenge isse अच्छा toh 199 mein pura fact tech brain booster app hi kharid lenge na aur voh aap se अच्छा hai and 199 mein hi all songs mil jayenge

    1. This is not a song rather an exclusive audio session program to solve many distractions/problems of a student’s life. Ye koi song Nahi balki designed unique program hai jiska Comparision Nahi ho Sakta. Jo karage usiko hi samaj mei aayega. Har Kisi Ke Bas ki Baat Nahi hai.

  2. Guruji kya ye instructions hindi me ho sakta hai iss course ka use kaise kare kripya bataye aap logo se yadi kuch swaal yadi puchana ho to kaise puchege ye bhi bataiye apne whatsapp group me muthe jod de guruji mere saath bahut samasaya hai gurudev kripya margdarshan de

    1. Go to curriculum and read all details given there. listen to sample music. you can practice daily early morning or you may stop and continue as per your requirement

  3. Sir please help me…i have been following mathanhub channel last 2 years still i can’t … always i am doing a week 2 times sir please help me

  4. Sir buddhimaan brain rewire sound cloud me nahi chal rahi he or browser me chalu karne ke bad beech beech me band ho jati he jis se dhyan me badi muskil a rahi kripaya koi samadhan kare.

  5. सर मैंने कोर्स पर सेट किया बटुआ अनलॉक दिखा रहा है मैंने कितना मेल कर चुका हूं सर मेरा हेल्प किया जा मैंने जब पैक कर दिया तो मेरा को चलना चाहिए ना तो लॉक कैसे हो गया

  6. Learn Press Order 760
    chandan kumar Gupta , 7488050809
    Wallet, Payzapp
    INR 199.00…..but fir course 🔐lock dekha raha…. Sirf two day chala audio session….. Aisa kyu…. Aur email ka koi reply bhi nhi aa raha hai

  7. Order Details
    Course Total
    Genius Student Course ₹499.00₹199.00
    Subtotal ₹199.00
    Total ₹199.00
    Order key: ORDER603F8CEDBE942

    Order status: Completed
    Kya seen hai sir blnce cut gya per kuch pta hi ni lg ra

  8. Reply Sir,

    I have made payment, money deducted but payment was in progress for long time and finally it wass unsuccessful. I am so much frustrated, 200 INR Deducted From my account and I cannot access the course. Here is payment details…

    Dear Customer, Your a/c. XXXXXXXX7972 is debited for Rs. 199.00 on 26-02-21 19:59:06 through UPI.Available Bal: Rs. 1,132.80 (UPI Ref no 105719727672 ).If not done by you, pl. forward this SMS from registered mobile to 9264092640 to report unauthorized txn & block UPI. Download PNB ONE.

    Please help, allow me to access बुद्धिमान course

  9. Sir Maine budhiman course liya hai payment Kar diya hai lock bata rha hai chalu jr rha hu to fir se chalu jr rha magar sir. This content is protected please enroll course to view this content bata rha hai help kijiye sir dusre se paisa lekar Maine course liya sir nhi chalega to hamara paisa nuksan Jayega na

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