Full Charge Meditation

25 students

This meditation is known as charge meditation. It will enable you to see from inside to outside and outside to inside. After following all instructions and if you sincerely practice this special meditation early in the morning before sunrise(Brahma Muhurta recommended – 4 AM -530 AM), you will receive cosmic energy from the spiritual world. This cosmic energy & vibration are so subtle that, they will spiritually charge your body, mind, intellect, and soul. One thing you must always remember is that whatever you see, think and contemplate becomes attracted to you, so be very careful and try to understand that the whole creation including yourself is nothing but a “Sankalp” or Thought/resolution. In the end, you may come to understand that, you are not just a body comprised of bones, flesh, blood rather you are a spiritual light(Chetana). This charge meditation is fully laid on the foundation stone of thought & imagination power. There are several benefits you may experience which you must note down for your knowledge.


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